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Employment  Contract Attorneys

Counseling Academics And Executives On All Aspects of Employment 

We have experienced attorneys working day in and day out on helping people deal with employment hiring contracts, termination agreements, severance contracts  and FINRA .  Our primary objective is to negotiate. Where and when necessary we can and will litigate or arbitrate. We counsel academics and executives on all aspects of employment in New York. We advise c-suite executives on all aspects of employment in New York.

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 Law Offices Mark B. Rosen

Our Academic Services

We represent all senior academic level faculty and dean level clients in recruitment, tenure and termination matters.  We represent clients in license suspension, claims of academic misconduct, research misconduct, academic discipline and issues before the Office of Research Integrity. Mr. Rosen's experience on the academic faculty of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Brooklyn Law School insures that he understands the issues in public and private university settings

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We Represent deans, academics, senior faculty in tenure, employment, Severance, Scientific and academic misconduct Claims. C-Suite Executives​ in all aspects of employment